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Make your consumers your ‘FAN’ with the power of your BRAND

Discover what your brand can do for you


Brand Forte

What role does your brand play in people’s buying choices?


Brand and Campaign Track

See your brand grow and how your communication plans impact it over time


Campaign Test

Test your communication before you spend your hard earned with media channels

Transform your Brand

With NumrBX build your Brand Forte and capture market share

Our Stories

Predictable Brand Growth

Track how your brand evolves in your consumer’s mind

Our Stories

Campaign Testing

Make sure your campaign will have the desired effect before you introduce it to the market.

We will test the campaign in context, e.g. as part of social feeds.

We use passive data collection techniques like expression capture to understand specifically which parts of the advert your consumers like the most

Our Stories

Predicting your advertisement effectiveness

Millions of validated, quality survey respondents ready to answer your survey


Online Survey


Offline Survey


Face To Face